Copeland Strikes deal for Actress in DUI case

Source: Right Celebrity reports on DUI legal victory by Trent Copeland for Actress Marley Shelton

Marley Shelton (Sandlot’s Wendy Peffercorn) found herself in some legal trouble back in early May after a DUI arrest. Now she has copped to a plea deal that some are calling a ‘sweetheart’ deal.

apparently caught the attention of Hollywood police The king of all celebrity crime stories broke this one when it first happened. In a story dated May 1st, TMZ reported that the actress made famous by the classic movie ‘Sandlot,’ was pulled over and subsequently arrested around 10:30PM on April 30th of this year.

The actress , who decided to do a traffic stop. After failing a sobriety test, she was taken into custody. She was eventually hit with two DUI charges.

It looks like her attorney, Trent Copeland, was able to work out a pretty nice plea deal. Now it is being reported that she pleaded no contest to ‘speed exhibition.’ Part of the deal will be that the two DUI charges will be dropped. Not bad!

In the end she will simply pay $240 in fines and endure two years of ‘informal probation.’

You may remember Marley Shelton’s ‘Sandlot’ character Wendy Peffercorn as the lifeguard whom all the boys had a crush on. One day Squints pretended to drown and was pulled out of the water by Marley’s character. During an attempt at mouth to mouth, Squints snuck in a kiss. It was a classic moment.

Since that film, she has made a number of appearances in both television and film. Some notable titles include ‘Eleventh Hour,’ ‘Women In Trouble,’ and ‘W.’

Let’s just hope she can stay out of trouble for a few years while she is on probation. Otherwise her next appearance could be in an 8 X 10.

Check out some photos and the infamous video of Marley Shelton below. Do you think she got off too easy?