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Arrested for DUI? What you need to know

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DUI / Driving under the influence conviction can result in loss of reputation, costly fines, required attendance at alcohol-education classes, suspension of your driver’s license, or cancellation of your auto insurance. Depending upon the specific facts of the case, the prosecutor may also seek jail or community service as part of the punishment. In Los Angeles County, the DMV will also order that you place an ignition interlock device in your car. In Southern California, where most people rely on their automobiles to commute to work or care for their families, losing the privilege to drive can be devastating to a person’s career, as well as one’s personal life. I am very sensitive to all of the issues that a DUI can bring and the consequences in your life. Contact us today to see why Trent Copeland is the best DUI attorney and the attorney that is most often referred to by Los Angeles professionals.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

We aggressively defend DUI charges both in court and at DMV hearings by carefully strategizing with our clients to develop a top-notch defense. We investigate why the police stopped your car, how you performed on the field sobriety tests (FSTs) and whether the breathalyzer had any history of malfunctioning. We specialize in developing successful defenses to DUI charges by utilizing the science behind blood-alcohol and our specialized knowledge of proper police procedure during a DUI arrest. As a Los Angeles DUI attorney, our aggressive courtroom approach leads to charges being dropped or reduced when we can demonstrate a weakness in the prosecutor’s case, such as a traffic stop lacking proper legal cause, a breathalyzer machine not operating properly, alcohol absorption that is insufficient to show true impairment, or other problems of proof that often exist. If you are looking for a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer then call the Law Offices of Trent Copeland.

This is how the DUI/DMV process works:

California DUI Defense LawyerAs long as you have retained us within 10 days of the arrest, we can request a hearing with the DMV for you. This allows us to challenge the case with the DMV in an effort to protect your license. DMV hearings, however, are very rarely successful for the driver. If you have retained us after 10 days of arrest, your license will automatically be suspended after 30 days from the arrest.

We request a hearing by sending in a notification to the driver safety branch of the DMV letting them know that we represent you and to place a “stay of suspension” on your file. This orders the DMV not to suspend your license until we have been given a chance to challenge the case in a DMV hearing. If we do not specifically request a DMV hearing (known as an Admin Per Se Hearing), the DMV will automatically suspend your license without conducting a hearing.

The hearing process can be slow. The DMV is very backed up due to budget constraints. As long as we have sent in the request within 10 days of the arrest, your rights are protected. The DMV will generally contact us to schedule a date for the hearing about two weeks after we send in the original hearing request. After we agree upon a date for the hearing, the DMV will automatically mail us the police reports for the case. Reports take another two to three weeks to arrive. The DMV hearing is often scheduled about 60 days after the arrest date. You, the driver, are automatically entitled to drive without any restrictions up until the DMV hearing date. Even though the pink temporary license given to you at the time of arrest states you can only drive for 30 days, once we have requested the hearing, you can drive until the hearing, which can be months after the arrest.

Consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs:

  • First offense: The Court may order you to serve between 48 hours to 6 months in jail. It will impose a fine of $390 to $1,000 and order you to complete a 3 or 9 month alcohol/drug treatment program. The DMV will also impose a 6 or 10 month driver's license suspension depending on treatment program length.  And in many cases, the court and/or DMV may impose an alcohol ignition interlock device be placed on your vehicle.
  • Second offense: The Court may order you to serve between 96-hours to 1 year, a $390 to $1,000 fine, and completion of an 18 or 30 month alcohol/drug treatment program. The DMV will also impose a 2-year driver's license suspension.
  • Third offense: The Court will order you to serve a minimum of 120 days in jail.
  • Fourth offense: Can be charged as a felony and carries a possible sentence of 3 years in state prison.

In addition to any of the penalties the Court’s may impose for a driving under the influence conviction, the Department of Motor Vehicles will take administrative action against an individual’s driver’s license. These actions can include restrictions, suspensions, and revocations. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Trent Copeland are experienced in representing clients in any administrative hearings with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and understand that the protection of a driver’s license is often the most important part of representation in a DUI case.

A DUI offense is considered a misdemeanor charge and can result in jail time, license suspension, and points on your driving record, fines, counseling and probation. At the Law Offices of Trent Copeland, we will fight for you and are determined to keep you out of jail. We will look at the facts surrounding your DUI charge and will question the allegations against you. Our attorneys will challenge any field sobriety tests administered and will use their education and knowledge of California DUI laws to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

If you are in need of an experienced DUI defense attorney, contact our firm immediately. We understand all areas of criminal defense in California and will use our experience to aggressively defend the charges against you. We may even be able to have the charges against you lowered or dropped completely.