Healthcare Fraud

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Healthcare fraud can be perpetrated either by a provider, employer or an individual.  It is defined as the intentional deception or misrepresentation of healthcare transactions by a provider, employer group, or member for the sake of receiving an unauthorized benefit or financial gain. If convicted of this crime, you could face imprisonment and substantial fines.

Many providers, including doctors, therapists, billing offices and others, may inadvertently be pursued as having committed healthcare fraud due to billing errors or processes used to determine how to bill an insurance company.  An insured may pursue compensation for something he believes he is covered for, and discover in a rather harsh manner, that he is not and is now facing healthcare fraud charges.  Even an employer, through failure to properly enroll employees in a healthcare plan, or for various other reasons, may find themselves facing fraud charges.  To protect yourself from the consequences of these charges, it is vital to obtain the services of a qualified Los Angeles Healthcare Fraud attorney.
There are many ways a healthcare provider can be charged with healthcare fraud, including misrepresenting oneself as a licensed provider, kickbacks for patient referrals, having untrained personnel provide services and distributing unapproved drugs or medical devices.

Some fraudulent billing practices include billing for services and procedures that were not provided, billing for services not covered by changing the code, deliberately billing for duplicate payment, falsifying dates and types of services provided, performing and billing for services that were unnecessary, and many others.

An individual may commit fraud by using someone else's insurance card, filing for services not received, forging bills or obtaining multiple prescriptions by going to various doctors.

Employers who commit Healthcare fraud might present a false picture of their group in order to obtain better coverage, enroll employees who are not eligible or change hire and termination dates to expand coverage dates. 

Los Angeles Healthcare Fraud Attorney

If you or your employer has been accused or charged with Healthcare fraud, it is crucial to contact the Law Offices of Trent Copeland to develop the correct strategy for your defense.  We have many years of experience effectively representing our clients in this area and will be happy to review your situation at no charge in our initial consultation.  Don't delay, contact us today as the penalties for this type of charge can be severe.