Federal Grand Jury Investigation

Grand Jury Investigations Defense Attorney

When someone is suspected of a crime, evidence is gathered by law enforcement officials and presented to a grand jury, who decides whether there is enough evidence of a crime to issue an indictment and take the case to trial.  If you are being investigated, it is absolutely vital that you obtain the services of a qualified attorney as soon as possible.  Because this is a crucial time in your defense, if you have a skilled Los Angeles Criminal defense attorney to provide you with legal advice, you are more likely to avoid prosecution.  If you are being asked to appear before a grand jury, you must be prepared to answer properly to avoid seriously damaging your rights.  An attorney cannot appear with you in the grand jury room when you testify, but can provide you with appropriate advice prior to appearing.  In addition, you may step outside of the grand jury room to seek further advice with your attorney as needed.

Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Grand Jury Investigations Lawyer

When subpoenaed for appearance in a grand jury, you may be called as a witness, a person of interest or a target, which is the focus of the investigation.  Regardless of how you are requested to testify, it is a fact that many grand jury witnesses are eventually charged with crimes and become subjects of prosecution themselves.  If you have the seasoned advice of the attorneys from the Law Offices of Trent Copeland, we can advise you as to your rights while testifying, including taking the 5th amendment privilege to remain silent should your testimony possibly incriminate you.

Being faced with appearing before a grand jury is difficult and possibly even frightening.  With our committed and dedicated staff, we will ensure you are well prepared for any eventuality during the process and continue to represent you for any indictment that may occur following the grand jury investigation.  We have effectively and successfully defended many of our clients in the Los Angeles area, through trial if necessary.  Our legal team will work to find creative and legal solutions to your legal predicaments.  Contact our office today